Incenti (Malta)

Date: 2018-06-15, duration: Tree months

Skills needed

  • Unity
  • Gameplay Programming
  • Spine integration
  • Procedural generation
Project description

Incenti Studio aims to create and distribute Games and Decentralized applications using the Blockchain.

Crypto-economics is at the heart of the company's design process, and uses Contracts Smart Contracts, Crypto Currencies and Peer interactions To Peer to create new ways of interacting and playing

The studio has a game project: EtherShelter, a simplistic 2D MMO, using blockchain technology: the goal is to test the viability of a multiplayer game based on a public blockchain. I participated in the creation of the gameplay of the game, as well as the implementation of the internal software pipeline and various tools for the company

project url

Stage repport here.

Incenti website here.