Skills needed

  • C
  • 3D camera, translation, rotation
  • lighting
  • shadows
  • multi-thread
  • antialiasing
  • parsing config files and scene saving
Project description

Built by a group of 6 students.

This project is a group project that follows an individual project of the same type: the "rtv1". I was one of the 2 of my group to have the best rtv1. The rtv1 consisted of managing a sphere, a cylinder and a cone, as well as a light and a shadow in a raytracer environnement.

The addition of multi-light became more complex, and I realized that my code was not optimized to handle multiple lights. We therefore resumed everything from scratch by taking the basic code of my colleague. Then, while my friends implemented multi-light, shadows, refraction, I took care of the display engine, parsing of config files for an infinite number of objects, real-time rendering, antialiasing, multi-threading and scene saving.

project url

View source code on github: https://github.com/usernameHed/raytracer