Welcome to my portfolio

Who am I?

I am Ugo, recently graduated master 2 at the university the CNAM Enjmin, specialization gameplay programming. I am a hard-working programmer with good pedagogical skills.

What do I like?

I love making games, and I love working with Artists, GameDesigners and other people in the video game industry, it's contributes so much in my culture and expertise!

What am I good for?

Prototype, Iteration, Polish. In short, turning emotion into software. I can do rapid prototyping to get the "feel" of what's the GD imagine, therefore highlight the strength and weakness of the idea, and iterate with the team.

I can estimate very well my work time for a feature (for myself, and for my teammates). I am currently specialized to Unity & C#, and I have a solid base in C and C++

Recent history: Mario galaxy like

This project show I think a lot of my skills in 3D mathematics and Unity C#. See the github here

and more on my website here