Some Tools and useful scripts, content or process I have created or improved over the years.

Take screenshot of an editorWindow, and get pixel color under mouse position

See how to take a screenshot of an EditorWindow with a simple button press, to quickly share the gameView or the profiler for exemple to your teammate.

In Bonus, you can recreate the ColorPicker of unity using this function by getting a simgle pixel at the mouse position.

Easy Multi-Scene Editing, load scene groups in editor or runtime in a single clic

This tool allows you to quickly load a group of scenes in unity. This method works in editor, but can also be used for gamePlay. Easy to setup with drag & drop. It will keep track of gameObjects between scenes

Ultra Fast Selection of gameObjects Hidden behind others

This tool allows you to quickly select the gameObject you want from a simple clic and a scroll wheel

Rotate a point around another from any axis, without any transforms using Matrix

Rotate a point around another in 3d space is not so easy if we want to handle any axis, without gimble lock.

The goal of this function is to use pure math, without any Transform whatsoever. Not just for the beauty of it, but mainly because sometime we want to calculate this kind of stuff without having to use, or generate empty gameObjects

Enhance unity workflow by keeping track of files / assets / gameObject previously selected !

This tools allow you with simple button to access to previously selected objects in unity

Edit hidden variables of RigidBody

Change the centerOfMass, and other hidden variable of your rigidBody !

Use extern directory inside your unity project using jonction

A Folder jonction can be pushed in git, unlike a simple symbolic link. Therefore you can have a "framework" directory shared betweens multiple unity projects

Animator Extension: How to use advanced reflection step by step

Auto-play from the scene view the first animation of an Animator, without any additionnal script on gameObjects !

Change the mouse position by code in editor
(Only for tools purpose)

Save and load the position of the mouse inside unity (only in editor, for window)

Switch Camera Projection

Swap the Projection camera from Perspective to Orthographic using a linear interpolation function coupled with an easing function

Move parent and keep children in place

This article show how to move, rotate and scale a gameObject without affecting its children

Enhance any built-in components of unity

Add behavior of any unity components using customs inspectors and reflection

Hide gameObjects from game camera or scene-view

This article show how to hide gameObjects from the game Camera, or from the scene view, without desactivating them.

EditorOnly Components and Actions when building

This article show how to remove components you don't want in build while keeping them in gameObjects, and how to execute actions when you are building your application

Chrono and coolDown

For all your timer and Cooldown in unity. No more Invoke(), Coroutine() or testing the time in hard way inside Update().

Time, TimeScale and DeltaTime in Editor

I have created a TimeEditor Class which reflects the behaviour of the Time class in editor mode. Useful for tools who need timer & slow motion