Very active on the internet, you can find me online as usernameHed, or Ugo Hed.


Contact me at


I use GitHub for share my student project, functions and template in order to help other developers.


I'm used to create simple video and teasers about my games and share them on this platform.

Stack Exchange

Starting coding, I found 99% of my basics on Stack Exchange. Now, I don't hesitate to help other in return. is a simple way to distribute indie games online.
I use it for share my Game-jam's games and my personnal game.

Codin Game

Challenge-based training platform for programmers. I love programming and having fun. Challenging myself give me that so beloved thrill.


I manage my professional identity and my personal network on it.


Find me with my name: Ugo Hed


Offer me an appointment whenever you want on Skype. Find me with my name: Ugo Hed or my email adresse


Talk with me in Discord channel, you can find me with my name: usernameHed