Under (Indie Game)

Date: 2017-01-08, duration: One year

Project description

The game to start initially as a simple game of the Global Gam Jam 2017. The result: the game was fun and intuitive. So I decided to continue the adventure.

With me a team was formed, which I led: a 2D graphic designer, a 3D artist / Level designer, a level designer and a Game Designer in support.

The goal does our game at the base is simple: we are ants, we must bring the lost eggs to the queen. We have a scenario that will be explained with cinematic:
"In a post-apocalyptic world, humans are gone. More resistant and stronger, ants now reign over the world. But Queens can no longer lay eggs. They then invented a cloning machine that delivers eggs to all the ant hills on the planet using portals.
You are a young ant working in the cloning center. This is your first day, when, too curious, you have changed the parameters of appearance of the portals. Big mistake! [Eggs are now sent to the wrong place.] You are forced to go to each anthill to repair your mistake. Fortunately, you are not helpless in the face of dangers! [On] you are provided with the necessary equipment to pass the tests you will face."

Skills needed

  • Unity & C#
  • 3C, Micro/Macro Gameplay
  • TeamWork, git
  • project leader
  • Cooperation campain & Versus Wwise Integration
  • Unity Analytics & Heatmaps
  • Implementation of visual scripting for the team
project url

View source code on github: here

Facebook Page here.

youtube here.

Download the project here on itch.io: here.