Back Home (M1 student project)

Date: 2018-06-08, duration: Tree months

Skills needed

  • Unity
  • Gameplay Programming
  • Physics Calculation
  • Level Design
  • Wwise integration
  • integration animation
Project description

A M1 project, made in 2 month. I was in charge of the gameplay programming part.

The main diffuculty were the rope physics, combined with 2d platformer physics. The challenge was to have a good feeling, with a stable and performant rope, who can stretch, relax, collide with the environnement, shrinks and expands. My priority was not to restrict the players, and to make the mechanics fun and controllable: "Easy to learn, hard to master"

With this project, I aquired a deep knowledge about the physics pipeline of unity

Back Home is a cooperative 2D platform game, played in pairs, where you and your partner each control a small character in a fantastic world. Following a sacred ritual, the two protagonists are now connected by a rope, and must return home. Learn to cooperate and use the rope to cross the level and overcome the various obstacles.

project url

Download the game! here.

github here.

Early Backlog here.

Early follow up here.