Worms 3D

Date: 2016-04-24, duration: one month

Skills needed

  • C++ advanced
  • OOP programmation
  • Irrlicht library
  • Team-work
  • CCC rules in 3D game
  • Rasterization
Project description

Indie Studio is the last C++ project of your second year in Epitech. It consists in programming a 3D video game with real tools. We choose the Worms, the most difficult game (and the funiest) in the list of choice. The game had to feature specific functionnalities and to offer a real gaming experience. This project is normally done in groups of 7 in 4 month. We were 3, and we had 2 month:

- Benjamin G - Project leader - It is in charge of communication, and helped me to AI
- Illiasse Rifki - Graphist / UI - He is responsible for the graphic / GUI and library Irrlicht
- Myself, Ugo Belfiore - I made the whole game engine (design of the game and the division of tasks, map, gameloop, physics engine and weapons managment).

project url

View source code on github: https://github.com/usernameHed/worms